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Be it with friends or food, Lobo Hills makes authentic, naturally-made wine to compliment a conversation.

Our Wine Philosophy

Miminally- Influenced Wines

Wine has always been a craft of tradition and exploration, molding to its surrounding culture and geography. Lately however, wine has become bigger, and louder. A little shout-y. And we think there’s something missing in all the maximalism.

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Club & Subscriptions

Wine Society

Join us in the best wine club in Washington, the Lobo Hills Wine Society. With curated and customizable clubs and subscriptions—plus real perks you’ll actually love—you’ll never run out of your favorite wines.

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To decant or not decant?

You may have noticed that wine tastes different (often better) towards the end of the meal than at the beginning. This is because the wine has had a chance to “breathe,” meaning the reaction between the air and the wine changes the flavor. Every wine is different however, and not all wines benefit from this practice. For our wines, just look for the decanter symbol for wines that you might enjoy decanted.

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